Acupuncture in Shaftesbury

Welcome to Acupuncture Here. I hope you will find all of the information you need. There is a page describing each therapy used, including many types and applications of acupuncture. All are available Acu picas individual treatments if you prefer.  For muscle and joint problems, pain and injury, I like to combine methods to form a more complete balanced treatment as I find it achieves the best possible results each time.

I am based in Shaftesbury, Dorset, bordering Wiltshire and Somerset and is within easy travelling distance of Sherborne, Salisbury, Warminster, Blandford Forum and surrounding areas.


I offer a range of therapies as well as acupuncture, having trained in remedial massage and Tui Na (Chinese massage), Cranial Balancing, Chinese herbal medicine, body work, alignment techniques and kinesiology. In general, all techniques have a balancing effect on the body’s systems, the aim is to clear blockages, restore harmony and allow the body’s natural healing abilities to take effect.Cupping pic 1

Each individual therapy has a unique, more specific effect of its own, that are best appreciated by experiencing it for yourself. Acupuncture has a deeper and more refined or specific effect on the functions of the body’s systems. Cranial balancing has a wider reaching effect on the joints of the whole body, posture and nervous system. Massage has general effect on the nervous system and circulation but a more specific effect to damage, and tension in muscles ligaments and tendons.

The Important stuff

I am fully qualified to Degree level in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine with diplomas amounting to  6 years of study in all other therapies. I am fully insured and registered with the Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the British Register of Complimentary Medicine.

A consultation taking in your medical history and general health, as well as the complaints you are seeking treatment for, is taken on your first visit and reviewed at each visit to chart progress and appropriate choice of treatment. All needles are pre-sterilised single use.


Treatments are available in either one hour or half hour appointments. There is no consultation fee but Mass pic 1an hour is necessary for your first visit. Please feel free to contact me if you need help in deciding which treatment is most suitable for you.

Prices are £50.00 for one hour, £29.00 for half hour, 10% discount is  given for longer appointment times, gift vouchers are available.